Getting the timescale right


Each individual project has an individual timescale for completion


“Don’t worry it’ll be done within the week…”

“I’ll have it all finished by Friday…”

“We ran into a few problems, it’ll take another 2 weeks to complete…”


How often have you heard builders tell you something like the above?  Too often we’d wager.  We know because we’ve had it said to us too.  Quotes like the above were a large reason as to why we never give our clients an inaccurate timescale for completing any works we are hired to do.  It’s grossly unprofessional and ensures that a client would never use us again should we fail to deliver on time.

Why is it so important to give an accurate timescale?

Every project is unique.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ timescale.  The time it takes to renovate one house might be completely different to the time it takes to do a similar sized property.  Many things come into play like:

  • Age of the building
  • Condition of the building
  • Type of materials used in the building
  • Council permissions
  • Works accessibility

Unless you properly survey a project first there is no way you can give an accurate timescale for completion.  We always consider these possibilities before we give a timescale for completion to a client and it is why we always deliver our projects on time and on budget.

We take into account whether the project is simply a cosmetic job or a major renovation.  Only once we know can we give the client an accurate timescale.

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